How Much Alcohol is in Your Favorite Drink? 

Drinking our favorite drink after a long tiring day is one way to unwind, calm, relax, and give ourselves time to breathe some fresh air. It is also one way to give ourselves rewards for surviving the week and doing our best for the tasks that were assigned to us. However, we could not deny the fact that once we enjoy our drinks with our best friends and colleagues; we have come to the point of being drunk. Being drunk is not bad unless you still need to drive your vehicle to go home. The problem will take place once the law enforcers caught you driving while under influence of alcohol, or you get into accidents and damage other properties. It will surely stress you out, especially when you will face charges the following day. You can be so lucky if your penalty does not come to the point of imprisonment, but it will be a disaster if you will spend months of your life in jail. However, you can still avoid the situation by hiring the best DUI lawyer from DUI lawyers Fort Myers. They provide services to the people for decades and have well-trained, skillful, and knowledgeable lawyers to ensure that everything runs smoothly! 


Let us talk about your favorite drink; do you have any idea how much alcohol it has? If no, then this article will help you!  

Knowing the percentage of the alcohol content of your favorite drink will help you determine your alcohol tolerance. It will help you to minimize the alcohol intake, especially when you knew the percentage of alcohol your body can survive.  

These are the alcohol content of your favorite drinks: 



The alcohol by volume content depends on the types of beer you are about to drink. For instance, if you love drinking Yuengling products, you can have 4%-5% ABV. On the other hand, Victory Brewing company products can give you 5-10% ABV while Troegs Brewing company products have 5-8% ABV.  

It is also a reminder that any European, German, and beers from Belgium can give you more ABV. 


ABV in Popular Shots 

If you love drinking Grey Goose Vodka, you can acquire 40% ABV while Fireball Whiskey has 33%ABV. If you are a fan of Captain Morgan spiced rum, this type of shot can give you 37.5% ABV, which is higher than the Jägermeister digestif liqueur that has 35% ABV. If you want to drink a shot that has high ABV, drinking the Patron tequila, which has 45% ABV, is the best thing to do.  



If you are fun of drinking margarita and pina colada, here is their ABV. Margarita, which is one of the most popular drinks in America that has a sweet but strong taste has about 33%ABV. On the other hand, pina colada which is a cousin of a margarita is one of the beach favorites. This type of drink can give you an ABV of 13%. 



Mojito is a good refresher during the summer season can give you an ABV of 13%. Gin and tonics which are one of the simplest drinks can also give you an ABV of 13%. 



Cosmopolitan, which is commonly drunk by tough guys, has an ABV of 27%.  


In addition, you should be a responsible drinker on any occasion. Remember to keep yourself safe from any circumstances, especially when you are still driving your vehicles to go home. Take note: Iis better to be safe than sorry. It is good to wake up in the comfort of your home that to wake up in jail.